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Machine features

      This machine is widely used in PET, PVC, PC, membrane switches, flexible printed circuit board, too solar battery to warm film, electric film,
transfer film, paper flowers, mobile phone shell buttons (IMD workers art printing), 3M glue, laser trademark, anti-counterfeiting scratch cards,
stickers and labels roll material The materials and special ink, glue, a screen printing.
1、The machine printed full touch screen operation, fully automatic electric eye tracking, computer PLC control system, printing speed, high precision overprint;
2、Servo motor drive printing and pull materials, printing, back to mkexico and the distance and speed can be with Italy adjustment;
3、Plane platen surface anti-static treatment, which greatly reduces the platen Electrostatic adsorption force on the printed material. Thus effectively
   reducing the strain of the material on the back;
4、Photoelectric sensor switch control discharge and receipts, to avoid scratching the surface of printed materials, which greatly Improves the printing quality;
5、The machine is equipped with a dust removal roller, automatically remove
    dust from the material:
6、The machine is equipped with automatic off-grid function. When printing
    color in large area and glue. Prevent sticking network;
7、The machine uses a three-stage suction device, according to the requirements
    of the printed material, strong winds,weak wind, close the regulator;
8、Humane printed warning device, material printing is completed, arrive
    printing set the value early warning and exception dengjun will automatically
    shut down;
9、Ovens standard insulation layer, surrounded by district heating, digital
    thermostat controlled separately temperature is more uniform and stable;
10、The photoelectric sensor switch combined with variable frequency motor
      speed control receipts, ensure the oven rewinding speed printing speed;
      the oven installed anti-inverted pull folder feeder, convenient baking
      materials handling;
11、The feeder can be required the installation of automatic tear protective
      film device, feeding with a complete tear film;
12、The oven may need to install the device automatically fit: fit on film,
      double-sided adhesive, release paper, the protective film;
13、Tthe machine can be connected to the UV dryer, glazing cutting machine,
      slitting machine, cutter machine;

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