Series : Flat screen printing equipment
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Machine features

1、Adopting double workbenches with the advantages of simple operation and precise orientation. Power system is driver by electric motor with adjustable frequency
2、And speed. Printing and inking adjust speed separately. Suitable for printing various planar matters.
3、A body print head gear motor drive vertically, lifting action is fast and smooth.
4、High-precision guide with "MEGADYNE timing belt, variable frequency drive printing, motion accuracy higher and more stable.
5、The gas-liquid converter the linkage off-grid cylinder, to ensure uniform and stable off-grid.
6、Table Fine locking device independent, clear the table locking error.
7、Two-cylinder independent control of printing knife and back to Mexico and board, large and uniform printing pressure.
8、This machine is mainly for printing need to design a wide range of printing, can be used couplet PVC plexiglass, glass, large outdoor advertising, snowboarding and other not easily deformed substrates.

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