Series : Flat screen printing equipment
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Machine features

1、A special positioning of the complex shape of the printed materials have a strong resilience, precise positioning(± 0.1 mm).
2、The device work surface with special treatment, face printed materials that do not scratch and resistant to Grinding, and low coefficient of friction.
3、The adjusting mechanism configured high-precision positionindicator, and a fault display system and light Electrical protection devices.
4、Head horizontal, move up and down, worm reducer with safety brake motor inverter Steady red, smooth up and down.
5、The use of variable frequency stepless control squeegee speed, squeegee and the cover can be used for speed adjustment.
6、The oil return knife can be set pre-coated with ink, covered with printing ink, to minimize the plug layout Shadow phenomenon.
7、Squeegee knife with constant pressure device, set the strength of the pressure of the squeegee blade India, print thick Thin irregular automatically compensated.
8、Oil return knife with a constant pressure device, the pressure can be arbitrarily set with automatic compensation, make oil Ink coverage thickness.
9、Do not move the wire frame state can set the scraper and covering the ink knife to do repetitive movements, precision Not deformed.

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